Pop Knob in Fanny

Chafboy: let me know when you see super 8, i want to discuss some gripes
Jon: alright.

C: the guy called in, how is it his fault the woman can't operate machinery?
C: if i called into work at the world trade center, and someone had to fill my shoes…would they blame me?

C: they make a big deal about the cubes and then the alien doesn't even use them
C: a plot device that does not pay off at the end?
C: you mean the alien could have used metal all along?

C: what's with the hanging bodies
C: let's have dead bodies hanging about for no reason?

C: the train wreck was better in the trailer

C: too many lens flares

C: i never knew fat kids that were so demanding like that fat kid
C: kids…making a film and they have a makeup artist. give me a break

C: i didn't like that the thing at the end picks up metals
C: but it doesn't take the tanks

C: and why does the black army guy take the locket?
C: i mean, talk about being mean

Super 8 is a combination of two separate film ideas – a coming-of-age movie, and a monster movie – that only half-commits to both ideas, resulting in a film that is only a quarter successful. It is not very affecting, nor is it very fun.

Attack the Block is a defter combination of coming of age and monsters. Its kid ensemble is more endearing, its aliens are more satisfying, its stoners are more amusing, and its adult characters are actually relevant.

Daft Punk scored Tron: Legacy, The Chemical Brothers scored Hanna, and Basement Jaxx scored Attack the Block. I like this trend.

Q: What is the best sounding film you have ever seen?

A: It's All Gone Pete Tong. It sounded mint as fuck via the sound system in the theatre I saw it in.

Can you name the Sean Bean movies by death?

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  1. Ed Sewers 14 Jun 11 at 10:51

    The Goonies meets E.T. meets Cloverfield.

    To be fair, he does use the cubes.

    Should have been the smoke monster.


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