X-Men: First Class

20th Century Fox's other summer offerings: Jim Carrey with a bunch of computer-generated penguins, and James Franco with a bunch of computer-generated apes. And this winter: Jason Lee with a bunch of computer-generated chipmunks.

James Franco also wrote and directed a film in which he shares an apartment with a talking ape.

Michael Fassbender resembles Jon Hamm and shares scenes set in the 1960s with a frigid January Jones.

X-Men: Second-Class: Set in the 1970s. Introduces Storm, played by Beyoncé.

X-Men: Generations: Focuses on the Summers family – Cyclops, Jean Grey, Havok, Vulcan, Cable, and Stryfe.

What a waste of Oliver Platt.

Of course the black mutant dies first. His power is kind of loosey-goosey.

Mystique is a slut. Her kiss with Magneto feels abrupt.

I wish more villains recurred in comic film franchises like Magneto. Venom should be a recurring character in the next Spider-Man trilogy. I assume The Joker would've returned in The Dark Knight Rises had Heath Ledger not died.

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