Secret House Against the World

Jon: Hey, I'm gonna be late. I want to see the end of this UCLA baseball game.
Jose: What? Last year, hockey. This year, college baseball. I don't know you anymore.
Jon: Heh. I'm thinking rugby for next year.

Jon: Sorry.
Jose: How was the game?
Jon: [sigh] Irvine ended our season, and the college careers of our star pitching duo, in the bottom of the ninth. At least Fullerton was eliminated today too. [pause] I sound like Charlie Brown's teacher, don't I?

Jose: The article will be posted online on Friday, and I'm scheduled to appear on Good Morning America and The Colbert Report.
Jon: Colbert? Considering the subject matter of the article, The Daily Show would be a better fit.
Jose: But I want a lighter interview.

Jose: Oh. Guess what I learned today? Kal Penn is gay. I met some gents he fucked.

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