Where we're going, we don't need roads

What is over here? Oh. More master bedroom. A walk-in closet and…the bathroom. Which features a communal shower. [pause]

David: Did you tour upstairs?
Jon: Yup.
David: We combined the master bedroom with another bedroom.
Jon: So your bathroom used to be a bedroom.
David: Correct, and our closet a bathroom.

These dark chocolate-covered Corn Nuts tasted better in my head.

Elaine: We kept our apartment in Manhattan.
Jon: Oh. Do you…need someone to house-sit?
Elaine: We rented it out. Sorry.

Jambalaya yesterday, paella today, fast tomorrow.

David: My brother lives in Toronto, but keeps an apartment in Vancouver.
Jon: Oh. Does he…need someone to house-sit? Heck, do you when you vacation in Vancouver next month?

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