Your waitress was miserable, and so was your food

—The woman on this Doug Loves Movies podcast is excruciating. Jen…Kirkman.

—She's a professional comedian?!

—Whitney Cummings has two comedies premiering this fall, and Chelsea Handler is adding a third one to her schedule. Yecch. Must Circumcise TV…

—I'm not surprised that Kirkman writes for Chelsea Lately.

—You finished yet?
—No. Short girl pushing her way to the front at a concert:

And your boyfriend too? Fuck that. No passage!

Why shouldn't I push back against your dance floor imperialism?

Oh, you can't see! Well, next time, YOU arrive early, and YOU stand though shitty opening acts for a spot at the front! Or…wear stilts!

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  1. Cangrejero 19 May 11 at 08:17

    Short girl pushing her way to the front at concerts inspires me to murderous thoughts. I also despise the related guy pushing his way to the front to stand there with his arms folded and look around to see who's there the whole time.


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