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R: I read you a name off Wikipedia's list of ice hockey players of Asian descent, and you guess the player's ethnicity. Most are of mixed descent.

R: Chris Beckford-Tseu.
J: Chinese and white.
R: Can you be more specific?
J: Chinese and…Scottish.

R: Chris Beckford-Tseu is Chinese and Afro-Jamaican.
J: Okay, I should be allowed to look at a photo of each player. If I had seen Chris…Bickford-Shmeckler, I would have guessed a duskier mix-in.
R: Fine.

R: Mike Wong.

J: Chinese and Mexican.

R: Mike Wong is Chinese and Native American.

R: Peter Ing.

J: Chinese and German.

R: Peter Ing is Chinese and Jewish.
J: What? That's not an ethnic mix! I can be Chinese and Jewish. He's clearly of some European descent.

J: Let me see the list. "Devin Setoguchi. Ethnicity: Japanese and Canadian."

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