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"Delonte West is not a ginger. His hair colour just matches his skin colour, like Hoda Kotb and Marv Albert."

Did you know that Adidas owns Reebok?

The NFL just switched partners from Reebok to Nike (and Coors Light to Bud Light), but as of last year, Adidas outfitted three of America's "big four" sports – NFL, NBA, NHL – while Nike outfitted none (Majestic outfits MLB).

As of last year, Adidas outfitted American football (NFL), Canadian football (CFL), and Mexican football (FIFA) – a NAFTA hat trick.

Adidas outfits MLS too, so despite losing its NFL contract, Adidas technically still outfits American football.


  1. Adam 11 May 11 at 00:56

    In a semi-related note, Nike Graphic Identity Group just helped re-brand the ASU Sun Devils. Their matte black football helmets are the only good thing to come out of it.


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