All the Tostitos are belong to us

The Beatles planned to do a live-action version [of The Lord of the Rings] with Paul McCartney as Frodo Baggins, Ringo Starr as Sam Gamgee, George Harrison as Gandalf, and John Lennon as Gollum. The group approached Stanley Kubrick to direct the film. [source]

Instead, we got The Wiz.

It's not too late to pull Peter Jackson and friends off The Hobbit and install, I dunno, Darren Aronofsky and Radiohead.

Thom Yorke as Bilbo Baggins. Nigel Godrich as Gandalf.

The Wizard was a Universal production.

Vivendi owns a stake in both NBC Universal and Activision Blizzard.

Idea: A remake of The Wizard that culminates at BlizzCon in Anaheim with a game of Diablo III.

—Sony should acquire the rights.
—"I love the PlayStation Phone. It's so bad!"

The Wizard turned 21 years old last month.

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