The Year in Trick Cinematography

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Trick cinematography is more spectacle than beautiful, but it can be both. In no particular order:

The Social Network
the strikingly incongruous regatta sequence with miniature faking

The Man From Nowhere
he runs down a hallway and dives through a window to the street below, and the camera(man) follows him the whole way

Let Me In
a car wreck captured from inside the car via a camera stationed on its rear dash

I Saw the Devil
360 intimate degrees of stabbing inside a car

Enter the Void
high degree of difficulty – first-person, with a mirror, and bodily interaction with eyes

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  1. Adam 30 Dec 10 at 20:42

    It's unfortunate The Social Network's regatta is fake tilt-shift. It conceivably could have been done with legit tilt-shift lenses. Nobody knows the difference anyways, but still sucks knowing it's fake. At least Fincher didn't HDR the scene. Lets hope this trick stays in this movie.


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