I want my clue to be down, not across

"Have you seen Straight to Hell (1987)?"

"No. Why?"

"I received a notice for a screening of Straight To Hell Returns, a new version 'featuring enhanced violence and cruelty.'"


"Look at this fucking cast: Joe Strummer, Courtney Love, The Pogues, Elvis Costello, Dennis Hopper, Grace Jones, Jim Jarmusch, The Circle Jerks…"

"Juan Uribe…"


"IMDb lists Juan Uribe as part of the cast."


"Oh never mind. Different Juan Uribe – Juan Uribe (I). The baseball player is Juan Uribe (III)."

"'Filmography: Sunday Night Baseball (TV series). Himself – Chicago White Sox Second Baseman.'"

"IMDb users award Sunday Night Baseball 6.1 out of 10 stars."

"According to Wikipedia, Alex Cox turned down the opportunity to direct ¡Three Amigos! in order to direct Straight to Hell."

"IMDb users award ¡Three Amigos! 6.0 out of 10 stars. Jon Miller, Joe Morgan, and Orel Hershiser > Steve Martin, Chevy Chase, and Martin Short."

"Randy Newman co-wrote ¡Three Amigos!?"

"Yeah, with Steve Martin and Lorne Michaels."

"Would you say ¡Three Amigos! had a plethora of writers?"

"A what?"

"À propos of earlier, Dennis Hopper recorded a GPS voice before his death!"

"'You have reached your final destination.'"

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