The Year in Don Johnson

Don Johnson accompanies D-Generation X to the ring when co-hosting WWE Raw with Jon "Napoleon Dynamite" Heder.

Don Johnson hunts Mexicans with Robert De Niro in Machete.

Don Johnson betrays his son Kenny Powers on Eastbound and Down.

Don Johnson offers LeBron James advice in a Nike ad.

IMDb synopses for Don Johnson's next two films:

A group of 30-year-olds who have been friends since high school attempt to throw an end-of-summer orgy.

A kid from the Midwest moves out to Hollywood in order to follow in his parents footsteps — and become a porn star.

1. Don Johnson plays lead Jason Sudeikis' father.

2. Don Johnson plays a moustachioed, down-on-his-luck porn movie director who takes lead Nick Swardson under his sleazy wing.

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