Chill Factor

Previously on Adam Riff™:
I want to adopt an NHL team, but can't decide on one. I don't want to front-run, but the bottom two-thirds of the league is rather uninspiring. I'm leaning toward the Canucks.

Vancouver it is. I bet $100 on the Canucks to win the 2011 Stanley Cup. 8/1 odds.

Matthew suggested adopting the Los Angeles Kings or the Buffalo Sabres. I eliminated the Kings because the typefaces they use are hideous, and I eliminated the Sabres because I dislike their name.

These things matter!

3 thoughts on "Chill Factor"

  1. Should have went with the Kings. Now you just went with the number one on lame ESPN pre-season power rankings. At least the Kings are close to you. They're young and they look like they'll finally bring some decent hockey this year.

  2. I can understand the dislike for the Sabres name, although they are going back to their old school jerseys.

    I hope the two guys that dressed up as green man show up during the regular season for the Canucks.

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