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No sooner did I bemoan six months of unsteady employment than I accepted two more short-term gigs – one overseeing gift card sales for a steakhouse chain, and one assisting on the official biography of the woman who co-founded BET. My résumé is a Harold…

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Chin Up

Today marks six months of unemployment, or rather, unsteady employment. A little mood music: Matt Pryor's voice may be my favourite voice in all of music. I can't explain why, but his flawed, smoked, whiny vocals never fail to gratify me. I should've just stayed…

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Available November 16: Eh… 176 pages of comments and observations by a ghost writer? For $16.95? Like John Teller's manifesto, Roger Sterling's memoir is almost assuredly better in theory. Kenny Powers' audiobook, on the other hand… • 22 Short Excerpts From My Internal Monologue During…

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