How was your weekend?

Eight turnovers combined, four each.

"What do you want? The Bears to cede their win to the Lions? They didn't write the rule! My conscience is as clear as present danger."

"Why should I feel sorry for the Lions? We have to play them again in Detroit. This ensures at least a split."

When I wrote that "changes are afoot," I just meant curbing audio downloads on the Cribsheet, reverting to a static blogroll, and feeding content from our WankerCounty Tumblr into Adam Riff™, the sum of which should save me about 12 hours a week.

It's "good afternoon, sweet prince," not "good night."


  1. rob 13 Sep 10 at 15:01

    Can you at least explain how that static blogroll worked?

    What was the criteria? It seemed like the ranking were all over the place and random. I get that they weren't but I could never make heads or tails of it.

    1. Jon 13 Sep 10 at 16:36

      1. quantity of posts in the past week
      2. quality of posts in the past week (effort)
      3. number of posts in the past week that interested or amused me


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