Life after 'dad tried to kill me'


This was the main story on just now. My immediate thoughts:

1. I wish this was a Family Feud topic. 'Name a word used to describe life after your dad tries to kill you and your whole family.' Top answers: 'sad' 'weird' 'awkward'

2. Imagine what this guy's wife said to her parents when she told them about him. 'So…I met this guy. He's really great. He's a lot like his father, who murdered his entire family and tried to kill him. But Chris is different. He would NEVER do that to me."

3. Look at that guy's face. That is the forced smile of a murderer (i think I know where he gets it from!)

4. After skimming the story, he is a Christian who believes that god has a plan. Unfortunately for Chris, God has a pretty shitty plan for him.

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