Teenagers fornicating in a Liverpool basement

In the clean version of song of the now "Fuck You," Cee-Lo sings "forget you."

It doesn't sound too it-started, but his sentiment definitely loses punch.

Electric Six sang "he's the Xbox to your Atari" in 2008.

Same song: "He's not sorry you're the station wagon to his Ferrari."

Nowadays, popular music is dominated by pop and urban artists, and my theory why is a variation on white flight. Many fans of rock music migrated from "large cities and downtown areas" to "outlying suburbs and subdivisions."

Arcade Fire debuting at number one is gentrification.

Music video of the now:


2 thoughts on "Teenagers fornicating in a Liverpool basement"

  1. This "white flight" theory is very interesting! Where would that make the Adam Riff sidebar, then?

    Speaking of which, I'm glad to see the Magic Kids' debut there. Is it expected to be a big release? I tried to see them in Chapel Hill and it was sold out!

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