Bleed American

Meme of the now: Discographies
"A definitive guide to an artist's body of work (studio albums only) in 140 characters."

For example:

Prince: 1-3 foreplay; 4-5 penetration; 6-9 ecstasy; 10-13 afterglow; 14-18 walk of shame; 19-35 occasional late-night booty calls. [source]

My pathetic stab:
Metallica: 1-5 cool; 4-9 cool parent.

BYU students parody Old Spice ad is no BYU student parodies "Prince Ali" from Aladdin.

2 thoughts on "Bleed American"

  1. mine.

    REM: 1-4:runt of the litter 5:saved from the pound 6-7:dumb but sweet 8-9: best in show 10: put to sleep 11-14: zombie dog.

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