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Ist das nicht ein double feature?
Ja das ist ein double feature.

Oh, du schöne
Oh, du schöne
Oh, du schöne

This text will be replaced

28. Hung (NSFW)
Birthday sex.

29. General Hospital
James Franco's character is chased up a flight of stairs—waving a gun and laughing—and falls off a balcony to his bloody death while a black drag queen speaks the lyrics to Gary Jules' "Mad World."


Back to those gold soundz

Previously on Adam Riff™: "The band Miike Snow named itself after Japanese film director Takashi Miike."

EP Cover Idea: Vectorize the protagonist of The Host?

Kang-ho Song – The Weird in The Good, the Bad, the Weird, the vampire in Thirst, Mr. Vengeance in Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance, and now…the cover of a British "Post punk / New Wave" release.

Evidently, AMC screened the season premiere of Mad Men in Times Square.

How was this possibly enjoyable?

I wonder how the prostitute scene played.

The guys at Dinohoodies build custom dinosaur hoodies to your specifications.
A Humble Russian Man Presents His CPU Collection

The world has turned and left me here

"Who do you hang out with?"
"No one. I don't have any friends in the area. [shrug]"

After three months of unemployment, I'm more lost than ever, and rapidly descending into solipsism.

"Some days I don't leave my room. Some days I'm completely mute."
"Are you depressed?"
"Well, I'm constitutionally melancholic, but I think I'm more tentative and frustrated than depressed."

"How are you getting by?"
"Savings, mostly. I canceled my unemployment claim after two checks."
"Because I didn't deserve the money at the time, and I haven't bothered to re-open my claim."

I've been assisting a friend with a major project that I cannot discuss publicly, but it's not a dependable source of income. Eventually…

"At the end of an interview with an HR lady, she asked me if I had any questions. I said, 'Yes. As a child, did you want to be an HR lady when you grew up? Or are you an HR lady because you need to earn money somehow? Do you live and breathe human resources? Or is it primarily a job – one that you can perform satisfactorily?' I never heard back."

They grow up so fast

Fiona Apple's "Never Is a Promise" is an underappreciated ballad.

She was only 18 when she recorded it.

Where is Fiona now?

She collaborated with Margaret Cho on Cho's upcoming album Cho Dependent which will be released on August 24. [source]


I cannot believe that Nickelodeon passed on Adventure Time – twice! I mean, one of the leads is a freakin' magical dog based on Bill Murray's character in Meatballs!

I plan to be Finn for Halloween.

Animaniacs was similarly subversively aimed at adults, but I don't recall any characters using the word "sexy."

The animatics and storyboards posted at the Adventure Time Blog show characters saying "crap", making references to ultraviolence ("I'll rip off your skin and wear it like a little coat"), and have minor sex jokes ("You never turn into a monster when I want you to!!! It's always 'Not now Finn, I have a headache!!!'"). And a good chunk of it does make it into the show… [source]

May Adventure Time never have to collaborate with Margaret Cho.

Sexy Dot – Animaniacs Fan Art
Rick Astley & Morrissey

Good Ass Job

Today, the Pac-10 will officially unveil its new logo.

"I'm with it! I'm hip! Duka, duka, duka…"

What is up with the right leg of the "A"?
Oh. It's a mountain.
Because when I think of the west coast, I think of mountains.
Is this why we added Colorado and Utah? To justify the mountain?
Oh. It's a wave rolling into a mountain.

The "10" is off-centre.

I can use my expense account if I say they're whores

It's the little things…

I've read complaints that Inception's dreams are pretty unimaginative scenarios, but Cobb explains that if you twist landscapes to the limits of imagination, you risk tipping off your mark. Undercover cops look and act the part.

Experiment Idea: Compile all of Inception's rules. Find someone who has not seen the film. Ask him or her to study the rules. Show him or her a version of Inception with all the talky exposition cut out. See how he or she reacts.

I'm half-drunk on static you transmit

Gr__t Street Fighter cosplay, or GR__TEST Street Fighter cosplay?

At 1:25 in this video of the Street Fighter IV panel, you see a group of Street Fighter cosplayers (including Zangief) confront Tekken creator Katsuhiro Harada. I wonder if they coordinated their cosplaying. They are each dressed up as a different character.

the same street fighter cosplayers posing outside capcom's booth

I've attended one Comic-Con in my life – back when it was still primarily a comic convention – in 1993. I somehow convinced my parents to escort me, and they, in turn, roped in extended family in Seal Beach who had access to a house in San Diego, so like 20 of my relatives attended Comic-Con all because I wanted to.

Flash forward to 2006. I'm struggling to get through Watchmen.

"Yes! A splash page!"

"Ugh. These letters and reports… They're like the intercalary chapters of The Grapes of Wrath."

Comic-Con 93 capped my comic book phase, which began with the release of Marvel's The Ren and Stimpy Show #1 (current value: $6.00). I soon entered my trading card phase, which began with the release of SkyBox's The Simpsons trading cards.

The highlight of my one Con? Meeting Don "Duck" Ewing of Mad magazine.

A female fan of Jackie Earle Haley dressed as his character on Human Target

Haley invited her on stage for all to see.

The women then went back to the front of the Q&A line and asked – somewhat sheepishly – "What would Guerrero do if a guy were into him?" [source]

Community panel: Donald Glover and Joel McHale re-enact one of Glover's many on-set personas – a homeless man obsessed with McHale.

We begin on the blood trail of Dr. Gordon, dragging himself down the hallway, just after cutting off his own foot in part one. He spots a hot, steaming pipe, and presses his bloody leg stump against it to cauterize the wound. [source]

You know Cary Elwes is desperate for work when he returns for the seventh Saw film, six years later.

Saw 3D is reportedly the final Saw film, but New Line greenlit 5nal Destination (working title) after THE Final Destination.

Jackass 3D promotional beer koozies
Photobombing Comic-Con 2010

Teach me how to dougie

Food Network Challenge: Paranormal Cakes?

And we centimetre ever so closer to Paranormal Teen Moms.


At one point we (Wu-Tang Clan) had disciplined ourselves so much that we wouldn't eat in a restaurant that sold pork.

None of the Clan members eat pork. About four of us are vegetarians, including DJ Mathematics — RZA, GZA, MastaKilla and oh! I think Meth is vegetarian now too! Cuz I used to always get on him with his steaks. I used to say you "you eatin' a pig pussy T-Bone?" He'd be like, "C'mon Jus, cmon, GZA, man stop!" And then about a year and a half ago he was like, "You know I'm a vegetarian now, right?"

Can it be all so simple as comparing cuts of beef to porcine vaginas?

Why do I like this?

I smoked a lot of paperwork in my day

If nothing else, Charlie St. Cloud features the best fraternal line of dialogue since "Your little brother is standing the middle of Afghanistan!!!"

T.I. on True Blood in prison:

They got into that shit heavy. The whole prison damn near shut down. Everybody left off the yard, like, "True Blood coming on!" They went crazy for it.

I don't receive HBO, but his prison does.

In the same week Armond White opined that "Roger Ebert destroyed film criticism," Roger Ebert awarded Salt four stars.

To be fair, Armond wrote: "9/11 has unleashed the craziest, most self-destructive liberal fantasies. Salt will probably be taken seriously—unlike the credible and poetic historical satire Jonah Hex."

"This thing rocks"?

This week in press releases:

"Every 20 years, a phenomenon like Justin Bieber graces our world. We'd like to believe that the phenomenon of CSI has had the same impact on popular culture. The opportunity to bring them together is a great treat for our audience. This will be true event television." [source]

CSI 230: Bieber vs. Willows!

MA Men
The Great Fingering Debate

Bleed American

Meme of the now: Discographies
"A definitive guide to an artist's body of work (studio albums only) in 140 characters."

For example:

Prince: 1-3 foreplay; 4-5 penetration; 6-9 ecstasy; 10-13 afterglow; 14-18 walk of shame; 19-35 occasional late-night booty calls. [source]

My pathetic stab:
Metallica: 1-5 cool; 4-9 cool parent.

BYU students parody Old Spice ad is no BYU student parodies "Prince Ali" from Aladdin.

Shallow Grave

Evidently, Lionsgate is promoting Buried at Comic-Con by letting attendees film themselves with a mobile inside a pine box and then post their videos online in a "virtual cemetery."

Buried alive videos, however, are only interesting if the victim is scared of being buried alive, and no one who is scared of being buried alive would ever volunteer to be shut inside a pine box, which leaves fanpuds pretending to be buried alive, which is lame and stupid.

"Help! I'm in a nutshell!"

What Lionsgate should do is plant a hidden camera on the underside of the box's lid and surprise participants with a harmless snake, spider or rat.

The search for the oddest concert line-up of the year

The 11th Annual Gathering of the Juggalos:
» Insane Clown Posse
» Twiztid
» Naughty by Nature
» Spice 1
» Method Man and Redman
» Above the Law
» Warren G
» Coolio
» Vanilla Ice
» Tila Tequila
» Lil' Kim
» Tone Lōc
» Rob Base
» Slick Rick
» Tom Green
» Gallagher
» Ron Jeremy

Summer Sonic 2010 (Sonic Stage Saturday Tokyo):
» Pavement
» Atari Teenage Riot
» Orbital
» a-ha

Pukkelpop 2010 (Main Stage Friday):
» Snow Patrol
» The Prodigy
» Eels
» Limp Bizkit
» Bloody Beetroots
» White Lies
» Kate Nash
» The Cribs
» 3OH!3

Epicenter Twenty Ten (Saturday):
» Eminem
» Bush
» Papa Roach
» Big Boi
» Travis Barker
» The Knux

Roskilde Festival 2010 (Orange Stage Sunday):
» Prince
» Kasabian
» Jack Johnson
» Motörhead

The NBA Jerseys of Pitchfork Fest
Pantera Kids

Actual descriptions of upcoming Entourage episodes

Vince is impressed by porn star Sasha Grey and her literary knowledge, and ends up bringing her along to a meeting with Stan Lee.

Suspecting that Lizzie is trying to steal his clients, Ari woos Jessica Simpson, Aaron Sorkin and Mike Tyson.

Drama is anxious about his new series with John Stamos, especially after learning Bob Saget is eyeing his role.

Turtle's efforts to find financial backing from Mark Cuban gets him in hot water with his Mexican boss.


The wisdom of a fool won't set you free

So Spinner and Emma bid adieu to Degrassi by getting married?


Sean could've returned from the army and married Emma all the same. What is Daniel Clark doing that's so important?

A: Oh god…

"My first ever journalism project for NYU, I decided to do it on Williamsburg!"

He also fronted a band with two white boys with dreadlocks.

We are duly appointed federal nachos

Q: As of this writing, which film is ranked between The Godfather and The Godfather: Part II on IMDb's Top 250?


I saw Inception twice on opening day – once in the morning and, after a bit of Internet reading, a second time at night to confirm that it's fairly straightforward until the final scene, in which Nolan plants the same seed of doubt in our heads that Cobb plants in Mal's head – a spinning top.

You can easily argue a strong case that the whole film is a dream. In the final scene, for example, Cobb's children look the same as his memory of them.

However, the credits list two sets of children:

Claire Geare…Phillipa (3 years)
Magnus Nolan…James (20 months)

Taylor Geare…Phillipa (5 years)
Johnathan Geare…James (3 years)

Why use two sets of children and specify ages if it is all a dream? Pre-school children looking very similar and wearing the same clothes after 16 months is conceivable.

I'm with Yusuf – an open-and-shut case with a mischievous ending.

Read this on a message board:

one thing i noticed, and id probably have to wait until all the way to the dvd to check this is that the layered scenes of the van/hotel/snow fortress all seem to conform to the time pattern. that is to say, they show the van for 5 seconds, then the hotel for 25 seconds, then the snow fortress for 125 seconds. i noticed that about 3 times, and i hope that was indeed the case.

Someone who hasn't seen Inception yet care to bring a stopwatch?


The room from which Mal jumped was an exact mirror image of the room out of which Cobb was leaning — same flower arrangement, same couch. [source]

Confirm/deny, please.

» How does Fischer not recognize Saito?

» Old Saito's chin hairs are deliciously nasty.

» You haven't lived until you've seen Leonardo DiCaprio's head in IMAX.

» Why don't projections continue to hunt Arthur in zero gravity?

» Love the cover art for Interpol's fourth album.

5 Reasons Why Salt Will Be Bigger Than Inception
1. Christopher Nolan did not direct its action sequences?