Superior to Asians but not as intelligent as Blacks

Ofir is currently casting for the third season of Jersey Shore; The Persian Version, a Jersey Shore-like take on the Iranian community in Hollywood; Wicked Summer, a Jersey Shore-like take on Massholes; and Chongas, a Jersey Shore-like take on Latino gay men.

The reality shows about Russians in Brighton Beach and Asians in Los Angeles' Koreatown aren't being cast by Popular Productions. [source]

One more Jersey Shore-like take we'll have enough gangs for a flag football-like game show version of The Warriors.

One crazy night for up to one million dollars!

Eight gangs compete – seven existing ones and a fresh gang of ten "Warriors."

If a Warrior reaches Coney Island by sunrise, he or she wins $10,000.
If all ten Warriors reach Coney Island by sunrise, they split $1,000,000.

The existing gangs, meanwhile, win $100,000 for each Warrior they de-flag.

To facilitate interaction, the existing gangs can track Warriors when they are riding public transportation. No taxis allowed.

One thought on "Superior to Asians but not as intelligent as Blacks"

  1. Absolutely a fantastic idea. Except all the Warriors should be scary ex-cons, and not just 'roided out Real World freakshows which would more likely be the case.

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