Date Archives April 2010

Circadian Blues

Metro is such a shitty paper. In Toronto, they literally can't give it away. Homeless people produce better papers. When selecting a subway station ad design, marketers should ask themselves: "Which one could be defaced most hilariously?" Does that sign say 6th Avenue or 8th?…

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Downtown Owl

JetBlue DirecTV carries VH1 Classic, but not ABC. I missed Modern Family (rerun – phew!) but caught Stephen A. Smith discussing racism with Sean Hannity. "Hey, where is JFK Airport?" "What?" "I can't see it on this kiosk map." "Where are you?" "I'm inside the…

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Irony is a warm gun

-_- The bag of Fritos I'm eating claims that Fritos are "the official snack of Minor League Baseball." Okay… Right Guard is "the official deodorant of the NBA." Right Guard Total Defense 5 is some space-age shit. "PowerStripe! Blocks sweat! Time-released! Targets bacteria! Neutralizes odor!…

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Laff on Fat Boy

KFC's Double Down sandwich is just an Atkins grilled cheese. You can also order it with grilled chicken filets, which somehow sounds grosser. An open-face Double Down is basically a diner entrée. Remove the bacon, change the sauce, and it's Chicken Parmesan. Idea: Hawaiian BBQ…

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Jord is filming the stand-up portion of his Comedy Central special on April 29 in Los Angeles, and he needs audience members. Support him so he can someday be in a position to give me a job in the entertainment industry. RSVP here.