New End Original – "Lukewarm"

Robert was bitter that he scored a 54 on this How Millennial Are You? quiz. The higher your score, the more you have in common with members of the Millennial generation.

Well, I scored an 11.

"Jonny, go to your room!"

—how did you score so low? jesus

I am six years younger than Robert.

cue: perturbed introspection

Should I be on Facebook?

I'm already staying up past 2:00 AM every weeknight to update Adam Riff™. I don't have time to waste on another web site, particularly one that directly exposes me to my past.

However: 11.

I could join Twitter…

A Twitter page would cannibalize Adam Riff™, though, unless I duplicate content, which would render one of the two unnecessary. Also: My six-year-old mobile.

Tweeting with a numeric keypad would be maddening, and with a computer, I might as well just post to Adam Riff™.

Adam Riff™, Adam Riff™, Adam Riff™! Becoming more "Millennial" seemingly requires shifting the paradigm of my beloved web site.

Ben: I can't remember the last time I saw someone with printed Google maps.

My Boss: I can't believe you're still using OS X Tiger.

I still use a ball mouse, a monochrome iPod, an SDTV, and a VCR too.

I'm not a luddite – I work in the tech gadget industry – I just seldom feel inconvenienced by my resources.

Perhaps I should.

6 thoughts on "New End Original – "Lukewarm""

  1. I'm going to interpret this quiz instead as a "How much of a socially inept knuckle dragging teenie bopper are you?"

    Nonetheless, I got a 97 so… fuck me I guess. Even though I don't even have a subscription to cable, a facebook profile, a twitter account, and use an archaic cell phone. The fact that I HAVE created a facebook profile at some time in the past though and send text messages apparently makes me millennial. This shit's about a billion questions too short to be in any way accurate.

  2. this website is really the only one of its kind, dont be another funny link site or twitter page

  3. If you've had the same phone for 6 years, I'm pretty sure your service provider would give you a more modern device for free.

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