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Great White Buffalo

Did you know that the Berenstains also produce bizarro Christian Berenstain Bears books? Better Christian parables, I suppose, than nonsense like • The 8 Most Awkward Berenstain Bears Books • The Berenstain Bears' Computer Trouble (This title will be released on Sep 14, 2010)

Jackass 3D

One of the Jackass crew—I believe it was "Party Boy" Chris Pontius—tethered a remote control-operated helicopter to his penis, and sat there grinning as the copter swung in circles, flying out at the spectacle-wearing Paramount executives who green lit the film. [source]


A good barometer of whether you, the reader, and I could be mates is Shane Meadows' film This Is England. If you like This Is England, then we would probably click. Production just began on a four-part television sequel to This Is England, set three…

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