Would you burn up before the water filled your lungs?

Sooooo… Who on the east coast wants to let me attach a Slingbox to their television? Central time zone will also work.

I'll remove it when Lost ends.

Experience a revolutionary and unique game where walking unlocks an exciting world. Step to the beat of hot hits like "Boom Boom Pow." [source]

Blog Idea: My Year of Wii Shovelware.

I tuned in to Raw and saw Napoleon Dynamite, The Miz, a giant, a midget, D-Generation X, and Don Johnson walk to the ring for the main event.

—apparently they have a lot of inanimate objects that wrestle

—someone wrestled a poster?

Magic Needs More Muscle – Broken Teeth

In Mexico, the Tooth Fairy is a Tooth Mouse. Mexican children leave baby teeth for El Ratón in a trash can beside the toilet.

—watch this

I flipped to the Texas vs. Kansas State game on ESPN and heard Brent Musberger welcome viewers who just finished watching 24.

This mission is not a children's game. – Vin Diesel is The Babynator

Dick Towel finally multi-racial!
Del Taco Trying Too Hard
Lifetime Movie or Megadeth Song?


  1. hugo 19 Jan 10 at 05:50

    timothy tacohands is the funniest shit ever. this site is turning into sacrilege.


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