You're excluded from ravioli night

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I'm surprised that Taco Bell hasn't tried selling a taco with a quesadilla as its shell – Stuffed Crust Soft Taco.

I wrote "soft taco" because I didn't think a stuffed crust burrito was feasible.


re: the ad for said burrito

Where is this magical Taco Bell staffed with white people?

New go-to joke when I see an injured TV character: "No big deal. He/she just needs to go betray the N'avi." [source]

Gonzaga forward Bol Kong's skin is strikingly dark. He's like…pitch African.

Dennis Haysbert played Nelson Mandela in a film too. He's totally Morgan Freeman's successor. He and Christian Slater could re-make The Bucket List in 25 years.

Chris Berman is somehow a spokesman for both Applebee's and Nutrisystem.

—he could…go…either…way!

I pictured Jews queued outside a Chinese restaurant at 3:00 a.m. on Christmas Day.

"One dolla!"

Nic Cage as Everyone
Boise State cowbell girl

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