Old School

WWE Films is reportedly developing an Undertaker origin film set in the Old West.

I hope Kane and Paul Bearer are supporting characters.

From the Wikipedia entry for Kane's "unauthorized" biography:

The Undertaker [was] supposedly capable of mystical feats, which Kane was supposedly capable of matching. The two are supposedly able to shoot fireballs.

Kene and Ryundertaker.

The Undertaker and Kane were also friends back in high school.

—i would pay to see undertaker in school. riding a bike, listening to limp bizkit
under taker's day off
—him, kane and sara
—principal ed mcmahon

—abe deadman

How did this slip my radar?

In December 2001, a government official proposes to Vince McMahon the creation of a covert group consisting of wrestlers, knowing their touring lifestyle will provide excellent cover.

Vince accepts the deal, and recruits John Cena, Triple H, Dave Batista, Chavo Guerrero, Torrie Wilson, and finally himself as leader.

In March 2006, they are given their latest assignment, to break into a meth lab that is financially supporting terrorists in the European regions. [source]

Why isn't this a film?

—lol CHAVO?
—someone has to job

The Undertaker at a house show.

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