What up with that

Coors Light ad idea: John Chaney interrupts filming of a Coors Light press conference ad and threatens to kill the director.

I bet ESPN is thrilled about potential Rose Bowl and BCS Championship Game match-ups of Iowa vs. Oregon and Alabama vs. Boise State, respectively.

Vlad Guerrero at bat

Post-season Yankee walk-off wins deserve a pie wash.

Game two drove Nick Adenhart to drink.

Top 6 Twitter comments on Ryan Howard's nose:
6. Ryan Howard nose can probably hold a few baseballs
5. Ryan Howard got that big ass KRS-One Nose
4. Ryan Howard looks like a slave…fresh off the boat……his nose…mercy
3. if ryan howard took a deep breath in dodger stadium, everyone would die of suffocation
2. Ryan Howard nose look like a child is on his face
1. Ryan Howard just sent Raul a location hint by wiping his nose with his left arm

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