Because Magic Week was such a success.

I'm-a focus on playing card games. Uno, Apples to Apples, Milles Bornes, et cetera may receive their own theme week in the future.


Solitaire and computers — I believe the biological term to describe their relationship is "mutualistic symbiosis."

Before computers, who would ever willingly play Solitaire?

I played it once with a deck of cards and it's unwieldy, the cards don't cascade when you finish, and you never know if your current game is unplayable.

Speaking of which…

A computer is capable of recognizing unplayable Solitaire card distributions.

I should NEVER receive an unplayable game of computer Solitaire! It's like dying in Maniac Mansion and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: The Graphic Adventure.

"This is BULLSHIT, LucasArts!"


Hearts is another game that's best played on a computer, for a few reasons:

1. You don't need to round up three people to play.
If I round up three people to play a game, we're playing poker or mahjong, not fuckin' Hearts.

2. You don't need to wait for other people to deliberate.
If you disable animations, you can finish a round in under a minute.

3. The computer keeps score for you.
Jon, why don't you like to play Scrabble?

My lone Hearts achievement: I have shot the moon against both human and computer opponents.

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