my absence

been a while since i put something on the walls here.

you'll never guess why.

my room mate was dating a complete lunatic girl.

she saw me as a threat to her ability to secure a future with him.

she ground up a bunch of pills, and put them in my food, which in turn poisoned me, and left me quite ill, and very high for about four days.

i wish i was kidding.

i stashed all of my expensive computing stuff and electronics, as well as important documents at a friend's house, until i felt it was safe to have them back in MY house.

i changed the locks, and she scratched my car.

i wish i was kidding.



  1. John 21 Aug 09 at 01:52

    that is FUCKED up

  2. Horhay 23 Aug 09 at 11:11

    police? batman? judge judy?

  3. bdot 24 Aug 09 at 23:21

    didn't bother with the police, because of the whole "burden of proof" thing.

    batman is retired.

    and i don't believe in judge judy.


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