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  1. You people who trash this movie make me laugh, you didnt go to see the oscar movie of the year!!! You went to see Transformers, and while the story was not a good one the transformers side of the movie was awsome! So for all u "critics" who think they got a terrible movie remember what you were going to see in the first place!!!

  2. No I did not go to see an "Oscar winning movie, I went to see a well plotted action/adventure film. WELL PLOTTED.
    What I got was a schizophrenic mess, dumb human characters, robots who barely looked different from one another and robot balls.
    Biggest film embarrassment in American history.

  3. biggest embarrassment. Why don't you go see Imagine That, Land of the Lost or Year One. You think it's horrible, go see some of these really terrible, not funny, not entertaining, dull movies and stop complaining

  4. anyone knows optimus primes' last dialog???

    "our race unite by history long forgotten…the future together we shall face……"

    is that right???well….can you please tell me???


  5. Hey Transformer,

    You're an idiot, you and so many other people are, for some reason, under the impression that just because a movie is based on a cartoon/toy line that the story has to suffer in substance and emotional value , and therefore you take this heaping pile of steaming shit of a movie for more than what it's worth.

    Now the first movie at least had a certain level of charm, likable characters, a well paced story structure, and un-freakin-believable action scenes (especially that of ironhide's front flip over the rockets) even though the overall story was pretty weak, but this sequel was beyond atrocious. I think it was the first movie of the summer that literally had zero story, and no new likable characters, not to mention it was nothing but a bunch of random action scenes, that weren't even exciting.

    I'm tired of people using the excuse "it was a Tranformer movie, what did you expect" excuse, simply because they lack the imagination to see what potential this movie really held.

  6. why dont u go find a life and watch the discovery or history channel with your bullshit ignorant expectations.. the movie has shia and megan fox in it.. and the guy from "win a date with tad hamilton" in it.. what do you expect.. shut the f*ck up.. go watch animal planet or star trek.. this movie was hillarious and was made to relate with our generation of young adults/adults.. your a loser point blank.. its a movieeee.. it entertains.. if you want plot and structure go read a f*cking textbook and stop being soo uptight wow

  7. and don't call anyone an "idiot" over his or her own opinion.. you have your dumbass opinion too for that matter.. just because your a loser and have no life doesn't mean you should be jealous of other peoples lives.. its ok that you were the kid that always got picked on in school with no friends.. if you can't take the heat then get the f*ck outta the kitchen.. you didn't have to go see the movie.. no one wants to hear your pessimistic remarks cause you have nothing better to do then be an ugly bastard who lives in a hole.. do us all a favor, jump off a cliff.. your absolutely worthless thanks =)

  8. touche. And Kevin, "it was a Tranformer movie, what did you expect"? How bout, it was a movie about fucking robot aliens, what the fuckk do you expect?.. people who always have something negative to say are worthless, why are you still living.. no one forced you to go see the movie about robot aliens you dumb fuck.. a movie about robot aliens doesn't have to make sense or have a structured plot.. take the stick out of ass and smack yourself in the face with it.. pessimistic people need to gather together and push themselves and eachother off a bridge

  9. Honestly guys, arguing like this over the internet is like being in the Special Olympics: even if you win, you're still retarded.

  10. Those who complain have no friggin idea about Transformers to start off. So, chill..

  11. I have to tell you this film was one of the best films i have seen in a long time. We have come along way with Special effects etc so just remember that!! I think alot of you haters watched the Film already convinced it was going to be crap. Watch it again and loosen up! I'd like to see you do a better Job!


  12. all i gotta ask is uh…what movie dominated with sales? yea that's right so even if you wanna bitch about it well you still went to see it and gave them your money so quit bein vaginas ya damn pussies

  13. I think this was the most epic, funniest, action packed, sexiest movie eva…but im a freak like that

  14. whoa. all you stupids who are leaving dumb comment– get a life. don't be so mean– wonderful movie. bumblebee is hott, lol

  15. uhm, guys, this movie made over 60 million on the first day it was open, soooo yeah…

  16. stop bagging transformer's.
    why did you look up this fucking page then if you hate it so much.

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