The Anachronist's Cookbook

At work today, "Civil War hippies" popped in my head and synapses began firing.

A film in which the 1960s collide with the 1860s.

Hippies, Black Panthers, et al somehow warp back to the Civil War era. A hippie sticks a carnation inside a Confederate soldier's rifle.

No, reconstruct the 1860s as the 1960s!

civil war = vietnam war
north = communists
militias in the south = weathermen = viet cong

Set the Battle of Antietam to Hendrix's "All Along the Watchtower."

Present Lincoln's assassination like the Zapruder film. Re-create the "Ruby shoots Oswald" photo with John Wilkes Booth.

sds = slaves for a democratic society
william sherman = african-american
sherman's march to the sea = race riots

The peaceniks flee to California.

Working title: The Way We War.

Danny DeVito is a class act

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