Scribblenauts is a puzzle-platformer for Nintendo DS in which you solve puzzles by conjuring anything E10+ in writing.

I wrote night vision goggles. A pair appeared in the air above my character. When I slipped them on his head the screen turned green.

Typing in noose gave me full gallows. Iron Maiden? A little deathbox popped up on screen. Gun: check. Poison: check. Guillotine: check. Wolverine: check, though prodding the little creature didn't make it go berserk. Pillory? Finally stumped. [source]

It is reportedly one person's job at developer 5th Cell to go through a dictionary adding items to the game.

"Unicycle." That worked. "Beer." Too adult. "Root Beer." Success. "Stress" was too abstract. The name of the producer's daughter rendered a little girl. "Rapper" made a rapper. [source]

Valid entries confirmed at E3 include:


vampire hunter


Keyboard Cat.

Is it November 15 yet?

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