Date Archives April 2009

Rain Dogs

In retrospect, the soundtrack for Judgment Night is kind of unbelievable. Dinosaur Jr. and Del Tha Funkee Homosapien? Sonic Youth and Cypress Hill? MUDHONEY AND SIR MIX-A-LOT? I'm surprised that more soundtrack supervisors haven't arranged similar genre marriages. The Spawn soundtrack fused rock and electronica,…

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Cage LaBeouf

CAGE RETURNS WITH LONG AWAITED THIRD ALBUM Cage will film the video for "I Never Knew You" with Shia Labeouf (making his directorial debut). The video is the first official collaboration between Cage and Labeouf which will ultimately culminate in a full-length feature film based…

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Motown and Darius work in a morgue, but the two dream of bigger and better things. If only they could win the $25,000 prize that will go to the winners of the upcoming 3-on-3 Streetball Tournament. One night, they find their colleague Franklin using the…

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