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I feel like we've pushed bacon as far as it can go. Enough already. What's left?

The meme reaches its logical conclusion.

(as seen at the inaugural BaconCamp in San Francisco this past weekend)

Stuff white people like: Bacon camps.

If you search for "obama bacon," Flickr returns photos of:

Obama's logo re-created with donuts and bacon;
Obama rendered as an anthropomorphic slice of bacon;
"Obama Bacon Man: Video Still: Dance Party";
Danny DeVito stumping for Obama;
and this, whatever it is.

(Google Translate didn't help)

My mother called.

"Jon, what does this word mean: F-O-L-L-I-C-L-E-S?"
"Um… I think it means 'hair.'"

(Biology was my worst subject in school)

"What about this word: O-V-A-R-I-A-N?"

Is this conversation about her vagina?
No, ovaries are in the uterus. (I think)
How do I say "uterus" in Mandarin?

"Uh… It's where babies come from."
"Oh. 子宮."


"Wait, hair in my uterus?"
"My uterus is balding?"

a new trailer for Fez
Drunk Guy Plays Super Mario Land

Super Mario Land will turn 20 years old on April 21.

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  1. Mike 25 Mar 09 at 04:35

    Varmt kød og præsidentindsættelse = Hot meat and president insertion (roughly) in danish.


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