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i've never read the watchmen. the big monster thingy looks like something off a Tool Lateralus video. i have no idea who any of these people are. perhaps you do?

Convex Polyhedron

Pop star-turned director Jay Chou held a press conference in Beijing to introduce the concept for his small-screen directorial debut, "Pandamen." "We have seen such Western superheroes as Spiderman and Batman, but Chinese people need their own heroes, and that will be the pandamen." [source]…

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Depth Charge

THIS IS AN ACTUAL PAINTING MICHAEL JACKSON COMMISSIONED. FREE ASSOCIATION: Is Global obligated to show NBC's watermark? CBS doesn't show CTV's watermark during Flashpoint… Idea: The Human Alien Project. I haven't worked out the logistics, but sequester a newborn baby boy so that he grows…

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