Wizard buys a hat

I was reading the January issue of my alumni magazine and–

The eyewear cannot be for reals.

Also of note: James Franco '08 will give the keynote commencement speech to the College of Letters and Science's Class of 2009.

High Times' Stoner of the Year.

Bill Clinton to James Franco is a bit of a drop-off.

Near the end of regulation of Saturday's Connecticut vs. Gonzaga game, I heard "Peppyrock" by BTK playing inside Key Arena.

Like Chuck, I flashed to MuchMusic USA in 1998. Sesame Street parody.

edit: Apparently, the singer sings "I'm a stone out of my time," not "I'm stoned out of my mind." All this time…

puns I scribbled during the game:
we got Thabeet
and Thabeet goes on
bring Thabeet back
can't stop Thabeet
Rajon d'être
Rajon 'gainst the Machine
Rondo Calrissian
Kobe-Wan Kenobi
Emperor Paupatine (Paulpiertine?)

stacking food on animals

Bask in Will Smith's Overpowering Fake-Laugh Glow
Uwe Boll's Contra
Target Women: Jewelry


  1. anonymous 22 Dec 08 at 14:17

    a UCLA grad?

  2. Andy 23 Dec 08 at 00:30

    Jewelry face kinda looks like pissing in the pool face.

  3. vladmir 23 Dec 08 at 12:08

    everyone in that picture looks like pharell


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