12 thoughts on "The goddamn regret!"

  1. I had to stop watching. I don't know how it ends. I never want to know how it ends. Horrifying… in retrospect, I don't know why I clicked the link. As if anything good could come of it.

  2. I literally puked on my floor watching that. I missed the end (thankfully) cleaning up

  3. You know, I'd successfully resisted clicking on links for that video when I came across them, until now. I'd even seen screenshots, and knew it would be bad, and yet I still clicked this time.


  4. By far the most fucked up thing I've ever seen. seeing terrorists shoot a guy in the head pales before this. Thanks Jon. And fuck you.

  5. I got about 2 seconds in and closed the window. I'm not going to watch that.

  6. Delicious!

    I think the lighting could have been a bit better though. Resolution is also lacking, when's the HD version available?

  7. Judging from the scars around his ass I don't think this is his first rodeo. His lack of panic is awesome, even though he still has to rid the bottom of the jar.

  8. im seriously glad im not the only one who couldnt make it past 5 seconds of that. i dont even want to know.

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