Or am I?

1. Jason Alexander. LULZ.

"I love this subgenre of entertainment – former wacky actors who appear on hourlong dramas as psycho-killers, complete with the ad with the voice-over, 'Martin Short in a role so shocking… RIPPED FROM THE HEADLINES.'"

Indulge us, Alan Thicke!

2. FX is developing "AR2," a drama about a group of Michigan youths who spark a second American Revolution.

related: the failed second revolution of a group of Michigan youths

3. I was disappointed to learn that the film adaptation of Youth in Revolt, a book I associate with Northern California – Oakland, Mill Valley, Ukiah, Berkeley – was shot in Michigan – Royal Oak, Detroit, Ann Arbor, Interlochen, et al.

I suppose Royal Oak can pass for Oakland.

4. Internet Obama amazingness is never going to end.

5. I hope his vampire make-up is just over-Photoshopped.

He looks like Kyle XY as a corpse with pinkeye.

6. Indian man dies in pie-eating contest

7. Actor Rhys Ifans has been blamed for a craze of students tipping vodka in their eyes to get drunk faster.

8. "George Foreman's Lean Mean Fryer uses centrifugal force to literally spin the added fat and oil off your food."
For people who dab pizza with a napkin.

9. "It's the perfect holiday gift."

10. I got married last weekend [pics]


  1. vladmir 21 Nov 08 at 12:28

    in response to number 10:

    she must have a nice personality

  2. Aaron 21 Nov 08 at 13:20

    In response to number 9:

    This is hardly news. People have been eating jizz for centuries.

  3. Cangrejero 21 Nov 08 at 18:28

    In response to number 8:

    Centrifugal force is not a real force, it's a pseudo-force.

  4. Jeremy 22 Nov 08 at 15:25

    In response to number 3:

    Rob Schneider shot his new movie "Virgin of Bourbon Street" in downtown Detroit. My cousins were extras in a scene


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