Motel of the White Locust

ESPN's New Year's Eve will return with two thrilling events.

Maddison will attempt to ascend with his bike more than 120 feet high to land on the top of the 96-foot-high replica Arc de Triomphe in front of the Paris Las Vegas Hotel.

Upon completing the jump, he will then freefall 50 feet off the Arc to a ramp.

He will then consume ten gallons of milk and perform with the Bellagio fountains.

Millen will seek to accomplish the first back flip of an off-road truck. [source]

Idea: A reality series inspired by all the crazy stunt and obstacle course ads for trucks. Every year, new models compete.

On Quantum of Solace:

» My favourite part is the typography in the title sequence.

» "Naw, it's cool if you abandon my corpse in a Bolivian dumpster. I don't care."

» During the boat chase, I pondered the lack of memorable boat chases.

1. Face/Off

While researching evidence to argue that boat chases are lame, I re-discovered the boat chase in The World Is Not Enough, which may be the least exciting boat chase ever.

Slightly Stoopid's song "2 AM" is SO the boat chase in The World Is Not Enough.

New slang.

musicians try to play their own music in Rock Band and Guitar Hero
Sean Hannity presents The Perfect Christmas Gift!

7 thoughts on "Motel of the White Locust"

  1. "indiana jones and the last crusade" had a boat chase, no? with harrison ford fleeing from the guys wearing fezzes.

  2. speed 2?

    anyone? anyone?

    i like how sean hannnity is totally caszch in his picture.

    id pay to see charlie daniels, but not at a place where its audience would lynch this latino. just sayin'.

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