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I typed for miles

Thanksgiving revelation 1: My father saw W. at a cinema. Thanksgiving revelation 2: My parents voted for Warren Sapp on Dancing with the Stars. Thanksgiving revelation 3: My brother develops stress rashes. I didn't work on Black Friday, but many gardeners did. ESPN relegated Purdue…

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Marche Slave

"Which sofa did you want?" "That one." Also available: Yarmulke Tree Topper. this is the complete headache album by big black (steve albini's first band). limited to only 1000 copies, it was packaged in a vinyl bodybag and features a shotgun suicide victim on the…

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Previously on Adam Riff™: Aaron produced a student film in style of Jackass. Every Thursday, another chapter. Aaahh… Thanksgiving. A day family members gather and eat shit. caution! contains strong language

Top Chef 5-3

Forcing cheftestants to use Swanson broth is just cruel. Of course Nate loved the vegan stuffing! Of course! I wonder what Pat Smear thought. He was reportedly touring with the Foo Fighters when the episode was filmed. At Safeway, I discovered that Dr. Pepper is…

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Boy's Soul

mmmmm "An edge-of-your-seat thriller." "A crowning achievement." "A promising premise that devolves into a series of poor-taste gags." "Witness the resurrection of Mickey Rourke." • 26-Year-Old To See Every Asshole He Ever Went To High School With On Night Before Thanksgiving • White Castle Turkey…

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Or am I?

1. Jason Alexander. LULZ. "I love this subgenre of entertainment – former wacky actors who appear on hourlong dramas as psycho-killers, complete with the ad with the voice-over, 'Martin Short in a role so shocking… RIPPED FROM THE HEADLINES.'" Indulge us, Alan Thicke! 2. FX…

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Siberian Kiss

—…you okay? What began as a rooting interest has completely consumed me. I can no longer react sensibly and– UCLA basketball Cliffhanger. 25 until I lose my fuckin' shit. Tick. Tock. November 20 Michigan 55, UCLA 52. to be continued

Pretty Lush

Previously on Adam Riff™: Aaron produced a student film in style of Jackass. Every Thursday, another chapter. caution! contains strong language and nudity I have so many questions… next week: a special Thanksgiving Day episode (one of my favourites)

Top Chef 5-2

Nipa, Rahdika – apparently, Indian women are only capable of cooking Indian food. At Whole Foods today, I saw refrigerated popcorn chicken. Ick. Who is the market for refrigerated fried food? Cold, it's soggy. Re-heated, it's not the same.