Graduate students are the worst

1. official ong-bak 2 trailer

Goodness… I dub it "Apocalypto Now."

All the best action sequences I've seen this year I saw in Asian films.

2. Ben visited Los Angeles (and California) for the first time this week.

—people here love social d

3. The woman I called a "faggot" adjusted her "Yes on 8" lawn sign so that it no longer faces the street.

4. Idea: A wedding cake lawn ornament topped with figurines of Bush and McCain holding hands. The cake pops open to reveal an egg-laying hen and pregnant pig crammed inside.

5. triple chocolate pizookie!

6. If McCain's Good Enough For Spencer and Heidi, He's Good Enough For You!
7. What's zupdog?

8. one of the few times i wish i lived in a red state

The NFL didn't schedule a Sunday night game against the World Series. Bump Seahawks-Niners to Sunday night! Madden lives in the Bay Area. Michaels lives in Los Angeles. He can fly up.

9. gary parrish's avatar is frightening

10. Bid to create world's largest sandwich in Iran fails after crowd eats it before it can be measured

11. After last week's late-afternoon NFL game, the local CBS affiliate aired an animated series called Sushi Pack.

Sushi Pack features a team of wasabi, salmon egg sushi, crab sushi, tuna sushi, and octopus sushi as they use their wits and their emotions to save the world.

The Sushi Pack team lives in a donut shop with their human friend, Ben.

Ah so…

Wasabi can only communicate with squeaky noises and has the power to shoot fireballs.

He's an anthropomorphic glob of horseradish paste who can shoot fireballs.


Members of an evil sushi pack include:

Toro: A very fat tuna who isn't very smart.

Mochi Mochiato: A frozen ball of rice coated ice cream who freezes her enemies in their tracks. She is candy coated, but cold as ice. [source]

DuckTales it ain't.

12. I was reading Highlights at the doctor's office and learned that Goofus and Gallant were originally elves.

Also at the doctor's office: I overheard a receptionist say that she feared an Obama presidency because "black people govern like dictators."

13. The trailer for Mart Racer reminds of an episode of Married…with Children in which Al and Peg compete against Jefferson and Marcy in a "supermarket sweep" with Jerry Mathers as the judge. Al pushes a custom black shopping cart with a blade in the front.

Factoid: Said episode was Ted McGinley's first as a series regular.

14. National Lampoon released Robodoc on DVD this week.

starring Alan Thicke (Growing Pains), David Faustino (Married with Children), Corin Nemec (Parker Lewis Can't Lose) and Michael Winslow (Police Academy)

Alas, Alfonso Ribeiro was busy hosting a game show.

Who does he think he is? Richard Karn?

15. I caught an ad for a trivia game show hosted by Meat Loaf that pits irrelevant musical artists against each other.

11/11 Divas vs. Color Me Badd
12/2 Jimmie Van Zandt vs. Sisqo
12/23 Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam vs. Da Brat
12/30 Everclear vs. Starship

I suppose booking Sugar Ray is unfair. Mark McGrath destroyed the competition on Rock and Roll Jeopardy!.

16. Spike Jonze to direct video for Weezer's "The Greatest Man That Ever Lived"
of all the songs on the red album…

17. Could Synecdoche, New York Be the Worst Movie Ever? Yes!

18. Dear Rays fans: I made an awesomely shitty collage of pictures of the shitty roof of your stadium.



  1. garkahar 24 Oct 08 at 21:30

    how long does it honestly take you to come up with all this material?

  2. Jon 26 Oct 08 at 04:01

    i began at 10:00 p.m. and finished at 2:00 a.m.

  3. rich seymour 28 Oct 08 at 12:47

    i just got this searching for "graduate students are the worst" cause that quote has been ringing through my grad student head since i heard those two thirty rockers say it. at any rate, classic review of synecdoche you have linked there. laters.


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