Headfirst slide into Cooperstown on a bad bet

Future Theo will right the ship.

I wish I could travel back in time and stop the man who conceived in-game interviews with managers and coaches.

I've been reading about baseball players on Wikipedia and an absurd number of them are married fathers under 25.

It's always sunny in Tampa too…

Chad Billingsley has a big butt.

More distracting: Jacoby Ellsbury's eyebrows or Jimmy Smits' mustache on Dexter?

—does ellsbury look odd to you?
—he reminds me of jude law's character in a.i.

—gigolo jacoby

—he might be a 'mo
—thats a guess a lot of people have

—a 'mo?
—does dudes

—i'm like…

Tony Gonzalez wishes he could work in a cubicle.

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