White America

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» At a Sarah Palin rally Saturday morning in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, a man in the audience grinned as he held up a stuffed monkey doll with a Barack Obama bumper sticker wrapped across its forehead.

The man seemed to notice that a video camera was pointed at him, at which point he removed the Obama sticker from the doll's head and crumpled it up in his hand. He then handed the doll to a young boy who was watching the rally from his father's shoulders.

» At a rally in Lakeville, Minnesota, on Friday, McCain took the microphone away from one woman who said she couldn't trust Obama because "he's an Arab."

» In New Mexico, McCain asked the crowd "who is Barack Obama?" Immediately you hear someone yell "terrorist."

» CLEARWATER, Fla. — "Kill him!" proposed one man in the audience.

» ALLENTOWN, Penn. — one man could be heard yelling, "Off with his head."

Gibsonville, NC:

"I take offense at Mr. Obama running for president."


I love it.

Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to lulz.

Marvin Lewis feels McCain's pain.

Screencap courtesy of Internet Movie Cars Database.


  1. Gustavo 12 Oct 08 at 19:39

    These are interesting times to be an American


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