I'm no longer turned on by mules

One of these Killers is not like the others…

Brandon Flowers ditched his mustached Western look after Rivers Cuomo co-opted it.

Matching Amish beards — hardcore!

The effort is what counts, far left.

Second from left needs to work on his frowning.

Ground Control to David Cook…

"Make me as artificial as Archuleta!"

FreeCreditReport.com: Heeeeeeeeeeeere's MONEY!

Americans more interested in wizards and cupcakes than financial crisis

3 thoughts on "I'm no longer turned on by mules"

  1. Holy fucking shit, Brandon Flowers looks like a lion in drag.

    People USED to say he looked gay as hell, what the fuck now?!

  2. Haha wow, never would have figured that… that doesn't even look that much like Flowers. Either way, fucking weirdo.

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