i am a new man, i have a beard of shame

Mark Burnett is working with MTV on Bully Breakdown, a series that will send bullies into the ring with mixed martial arts fighters fighters.

"We interview the victims and see how they've been abused. Then the bullies get the chance to step in the ring with a real MMA athlete. And the victims are there to watch it all." [source]

What bully would agree to participate?

Each episode of The Biggest Loser: Families is two hours long. Irony?

Soulja Boy Provides His Thoughts On Braid


  1. ernest riles 17 Sep 08 at 10:59

    I thought that link was gonna be Soulja Boy's take on "Frame and Canvas".

  2. Gustavo 18 Sep 08 at 12:01

    The funniest part is that Soulja Boy is basically right


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