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On the first official night of the 2008-09 season, ABC rode the premiere of "Dancing with the Stars" to a ratings win. The return of "Heroes" wasn't as impressive, drawing an audience no bigger than when it left the airwaves last December. [source]

Critical Mess

testing… Synecdoche, New York writer and director: Charlie Kaufman (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind) release date: October 24 You will need to see Synecdoche, New York again (and possibly multiple times) to process it all. If you're like me, however, you will not care…

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Sha Sha

The Pac-10 is terrible. Like, worse than the ACC. If USC wasn't part of the conference, it'd be the NFC West of college football. At it stands, it's last season's AFC East. Pac-10 basketball ain't looking so hot either. During the ECU vs. NC State…

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Wild Card

Over the summer, the Seattle Center began spamming my inbox with event notices, even though I've never lived in Seattle. I have, however, lived in three of America's five most stressful cities. I've tried to unsubscribe repeatedly. system overload! Project Runway Philippines is amazing…ly gay….

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PixelJunk Tdot

I saw the marquee and thought: "Black people skull fucking Young Indiana Jones"! More photos, some with notes: I wanted to photograph a group of police just chillin' outside a Starbucks and a male, ponytailed fatty wearing a HIM trenchcoat, but my camera's protruding lens…

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