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Last week, Warner Bros. announced that it was delaying the release date of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince from November 21 to July 17, 2009.

Potter fans react:


It really sucks now that this is the second movie I was looking forward to coming out this winter and now we have nothing to look forward to.

the petition has over 4000 people supporting it!!!! they can not ignore that.

I'm gonna go over to warners brothers studio and use avada kedavra on all of those fuckers.

Maybe you're the retards we all should be picketing this weekend instead of Tropic Thunder.

Can we fans FILE A CLASS ACTION SUIT OF SOME SORT against WB to force them to release the movie on 11/21/2008 as they promised?

This is the kinda crap that gives capitalism a bad name, Alan Horn. Hope you're happy when we end up w/socialized film industry.

I CANNOT believe that I will be in my early 40s when this series finally ends.

the execs will be crying home to their mothers when the movie FLOPS!!!

Pushing back HPHBP is really unfair to the younger fans who don't quite understand the greed of large companies.

ive been saving money for the movie! my god! thats not fair!

when it comes out next Summer I will just pirate the movie instead of spending my kids college fund on a ticket

Radcliffe should have some say in this. After all, he is HARRY!!!

to do this to a CHILDS, story is obscene.

writer strike…YEAH RIGHT! IF WB NEEDED a script that badly, they could just use the book!

This is BULL-CRAP…writers block my butt!! Use the book if you need a script!!

WTF? What about the fans who WAITED!?

I can't even say how dissappointed (and MAD) I am. I even cried.

I want to watch The Dark Knight again but I'm just going to think of how cruel WB is.

Postponing movies into the tax year that may have Obama stamped on it is insanity as they will most likely be in a higher corporate tax rate environment. Warner may net less as a result of this move and they deserve less

HP takes place in England, where the weather's dreary, so Fall weather enhances the whole experience.

I will NOT be seeing ANY Warner Brothers movies until 7/17/09.


None of the above?

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  1. Shing 18 Aug 08 at 12:36

    That was sad… especially the part about how they thought they could bring a class action suit against WB to release a movie… and about how the person writing is 40 years old… WTF is wrong with people?


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