The Fellowship of the Rings


You got Serbed.


But can he go 16-0 at WrestleMania?

UCLA basketball steals one from Cal in March. Phelps steals one from former Cal swimmer Cavic in August.

Act like you've been here before, tennis players. Such elation for a freakin' doubles medal and a bronze, respectively.

alternate captions: "cool runnings," "insain bolt"

Asked to recount his day, he said: "I never had breakfast. I got up about 11 a.m. and watched some TV. Then I ate some nuggets. Slept again for three hours. Went back and got some more nuggets, then I went to the track." [source]

Wheaties? Nope. Chicken McNuggets and more Chicken McNuggets.

The fourth grader in me was hoping the Americans could go 1-2-3 somehow, for the "Gay-Patton-Dix" gigglefest on the medal stand. [source]

The Beijing Olympics should just quit while it's ahead and cut to the closing ceremony.

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