I know St. Peter won't call my name

Colin on stick family decals:

Say that you have one of these decals on the back of your Dodge Grand Caravan for your family of six. And a maniac serial killer breaks into your home at 2am. He murders you and your entire family — except for little sister who is hiding under the bed. The maniac serial killer, satisfied at a job well done, leaves the house, but notices the decal on the back window of the Dodge Grand Caravan in the driveway. "Oops! Forgot one!" he says to himself, and he goes back to finish off little sister.

This would be a good scene in a slasher flick.

Thomas Vinterberg, who conceived Dogme 95 with Lars von Trier, directed the video for the first single off Metallica's new album.

Last Thursday, I walked back to the office after lunch and remembered that I'd driven to the restaurant.

On Saturday, I almost washed my hands with toothpaste.

Drew on Pineapple Express:
—it's the funniest weed movie i've seen

A bold statement, considering that virtually all weed movies are comedies.

Where the dramatic weed movies at? Surely a market for them exists.

too easy

I dreamt that Disneyland was a hotel resort in Vegas and that my father and I queued to ride the Sleigh Ride. The queue snaked down a floor and when I entered below, I was alone and couldn't find the ride. My frantic search led me into a daycare center and a locker room for female swimmers. I ended up trapped in a stairwell.

I re-watched Jake Brown's fall at X Games 13. The lads at 0:07 are a bit too enthusiastic.

If the NFL was wrestling, Aaron Rodgers would soon turn heel.

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  1. Cangrejero 04 Aug 08 at 10:29

    Man found sobbing, naked after wife dies from fall

    stuff white people like: mountain climbing.


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