Jonathan, Jonathan, waterfalls are running thin

My boss allotted me an extra week of paid vacation.

I'd like to spend it experiencing a city I've never visited.

My (reasonable) short list:
» Austin, TX
» Boston, MA
» Calgary, AB
» Salt Lake City, UT
» New Orleans, LA

September 18 in Austin: The Air Sex World Championships!

"the culminating event of a year's worth of preliminary competitions"

The Rules:

Time: Contestants have a maximum of 2 minutes to perform an air sex routine. This can include all phases of an air sex encounter: meeting, seduction, foreplay and intercourse, or you can simply cut to the chase.

Music: Competitors must perform to music, you can either bring a CD of your performance track with you, or you can choose from our selection of air sex music. You may also include an audio prelude to your performance, maximum of 30 seconds.

Other Rules: Props are allowed, teams are allowed, talking is allowed. The only important rule is that all sexual climaxes must be simulated, not real.

What must our troops think?

video: air sex

Belated note: Tuesday at lunch, a television ad informed me that Ben Stein, Fran Drescher and Joy Behar would discuss the 2008 presidential election on Larry King Live.

The McLaughlin Group it ain't.

Stein may have worked in politics, but his opinions are no longer valid after Expelled.

is an expanding library of free, embeddable, feature-length documentaries.

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» Heavy Metal in Baghdad
» Darkon
» Confessions of a Superhero

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6 thoughts on "Jonathan, Jonathan, waterfalls are running thin"

  1. Am I to take it, then, that your inclusion of the info about the air sex championship means you will be taking the extra week of vacation in Austin during September?

  2. Cangrejito:
    I wish. I'll be in Toronto the week prior and can't skip two consecutive weeks of work.

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