Strangers on this road we are on

I couldn't secure a ride from the airport and didn't feel like gambling on a shuttle, so I hired a taxi. To drive on the 405 during afternoon rush hour.

My flight from Northern California to LAX cost $55.

My taxi ride from LAX to West Los Angeles cost $48.

I noticed Medieval lettering on Bruno's abdomen.

—Hey, what does your tattoo say?
—"Get to the chopper." From Predator.


Why aren't cameras following this guy? I wondered.

Later, Bruno described an elaborate, five-element Die Hard tattoo that he wanted to get.

I don't think I love any movie enough to tattoo a reference to it on my body.

Hall and Oates, on the other hand…

Shing's considering an ultraviolet Terminator skeleton tattoo on one of her forearms.

I borrowed Shing's laptop to print my boarding pass for my return flight.

—Shit. I forgot that she uses a Dvorak keyboard.

—Uhhh… S… O… U… U… Where the fuck is U?

I spent two minutes looking for the U key.

Shing's laptop renders the body text on Adam Riff™ in Helvetica, which frustrates me, because I designed it to render in Tahoma on a PC, and Tahoma should be bundled with Windows! If you use a PC and you're not reading this in Tahoma, I beseech you to install the font. Do it for Jonny!

Let's peek inside Jord's refrigerator!

in the freezer: pierogi and ice

underneath: beer, water, maple syrup and oranges

It's like the set-up for a Top Chef challenge.

Almost everyone I know has become a vegetarian.

Zankou Chicken

Idea: Dim Sum Poker Room.

In between Dark Knight screenings, I saw Wolf Parade live. They played all of At Mount Zoomer, to my delight.

Forest? Not as delighted.

The second halves of the songs on Zoomer blow away the first halves.

Forest's brother also attended the show. The two reminded me of David Sedaris and his brother Paul ("The Rooster"). Hearing John ask me whether I like Fleet Foxes with a South Carolinan drawl was surreal.

Cameron regaled me with tales of the LAPD's Hollywood Traffic Division. One involved a male transvestite receiving hostile fellatio from a male minor while motoring.

Cameron drives wildly for a traffic officer, but apparently, traffic officers won't ticket fellow traffic officers.


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6 thoughts on "Strangers on this road we are on"

  1. Hey don't give away my tattoo idea… don't want anyone stealing it! P.S. Hollywood is in West Traffic Div and fine, I installed Tahoma. That is all

  2. to be fair.

    i just finished my master cleanse, so food was useless to me for 10 days.


    I just had driven back from arizona. I wasn't even home for the 6 days prior to this.


  3. It took me all of 15 seconds of looking at that keyboard to realize the vowels were all on one line, right next to each other, easily accessible by the left hand.

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